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Learn React Hook and Context Api Part(2)

This is the second part of the series in learning React Hooks and the Context API. In the first part we learn the basics of useState, built the first parts of the Recipe Search application. The full code can be found on github

Part 5 - ES6 Destructuring

Destructuring assignments 👌 The destructuring assignment syntax is a JavaScript expression that makes it possible to unpack values from arrays, or properties from objects, into distinct variables.

Part 4 - ES6 Module System

ES6 Module system 😃 ES6 modules are one of the more critically important concepts you will come across in every React program. I will not delve in-depth as to why the module patterns is important. You can read more about that here, here and here. Instead I will provide a quick overview of what they are and how to quickly get started with them.

Part 3 - ES6 Template Literals

Template literals (Template strings) 💪 String interpolation and multi-line strings are probably most of the template strings concepts you’ll encounter working with modern Javascript.Template strings are declared using backticks.

Part 2 - ES6 Ternary Operators

Ternary Operators 😍 The conditional (ternary) operator is the only JavaScript operator that takes three operands. This operator is frequently used as a shortcut for the if statement.

The 20% Of ES6 you end up using 80% of the time - Let & Const.

Variable declaration with let & const This is the first part in the series. I will be covering the other sections in part 2. One of the more confusing part of learning a Javascript framework is that everything looks like magic at first. Especially when your knowledge of modern Javascript is not up to date. You are unsure which part of the code is some abracadabra or just plain ES6 Javascript.